How a woman can have multiple orgasms

How a woman can have multiple orgasms

The hardest part of sex is getting both of you satisfied. Unfortunately, there are many men who do not know how to make women reach orgasm, and there are also many women who do not know how to see the stars.

This is a serious problem that affects 50% of women between the ages of 18 and 35, according to  Laurie Mintz, Professor of Psychology and Sexology at the University of Florida, in her book ' Becoming Cliterate: 
Why Orgasm Equality Matters - And How to Get It '. Other research, conducted by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, shows that only 61.6% of them climax during sex, while they do so 85.5% of the time.

As we can see, for many women, having an orgasm during sex is an uphill battle, however, it is not impossible. In fact, sexuality expert Tracey Cox says that women are more than capable of having multiple orgasms. Here's how they can climax more than once:

1) Do Kegel exercises

Experiencing great orgasms requires groundwork, like doing Kegel exercises regularly.

"If the pelvic floor muscle is toned and fit, it will work better, pumping even more blood into the pelvis (which is great for arousal) and causing stronger contractions, leading to longer and more intense orgasms. " Cox says.

We can start by squeezing the muscle we use to hold urine, hold it for two seconds, and then release it. We should do it about 20 times up to three times a day.

2) When you're ready, stop

To achieve more and more intense orgasms, we must stop when we are about to reach one, "wait for the arousal to subside and then return to the ring. This way we will stay in a high state of arousal for longer, release endorphins and teach the body to stay in a permanent orgasmic pleasure zone."

3) Do not have them very often

When you think you are ready to try to have multiple orgasms with your partner (or alone), you should not rush and listen to the body. Your body will be much more sensitive after your first orgasm, which means that continuing intense stimulation right away can be painful, so it's best to allow a few minutes in between.

4) Each orgasm through a channel

Cox ensures that his thing is that you change stimulation to have multiple orgasms in the same session. That is if you have come with the penetration and stimulation of the clitoris, the next you should do it through oral sex, for example. And if it doesn't work, you can always masturbate.

5) Maintain adequate breathing

Breathing correctly can play an important role in having multiple orgasms. "Some experts claim that holding your breath during orgasm increases sensations, and others claim that if you take oxygen out of your brain, you cause oxygenated blood to flow into it and away from your genitals," Cox says. However, "spiritual devotees of sex recommend continuing to breathe deeply with orgasm in order to have another."

And this is it, are you going to try?