Intermittent Coffee Fasting Essential Or Not In Diet

Intermittent Coffee Fasting Essential

There is a great variety of coffee all over the world we can taste different types of coffee depending on its region, its origin, or if it has caffeine, sugar or not, the flavor also changes if you decide to use a sweetener or not. But I know, you are not here to read about coffee and its different types of flavors and varieties, if not you want to know the great question that many people have when starting intermittent fasting.

For this reason, I hope to help you with this great unknown, so first of all, coffee is not harmful in intermittent fasting, if not, on the contrary, it helps a lot so that people can calm their appetite especially in the mornings. In addition, coffee has other great benefits such as the contribution of energy and the acceleration of our metabolism when it comes to losing weight.

But unfortunately, not everything is rosy before drinking coffee for intermittent fasting, you must take into account some important health factors such as: Digestive diseases: since coffee can act on the stomach as an irritant and not.

It should not be used if it ends up causing heartburn, reflux, colic, or if you have an autoimmune or inflammatory bowel disease that causes colic or diarrhea in response to caffeine.

Allergy: another equally important point before drinking coffee is to know if it does not cause any type of allergy since the idea of intermittent fasting is that it helps you improve or maintain the general health of our entire body, and we must always take into account many factors such as allergies since coffee can also cause allergic conditions so if you are one of these people like me I recommend that you avoid drinking coffee. Avoid excess sugar.

Last but not least is that you avoid excess sugar during the times you decide to drink coffee, as I have already mentioned in different articles on this blog, in intermittent fasting we must avoid the excess of some foods and ingredients that impair the progress and effectiveness of our diet, and one of these things is sugars.

Also, if you want to continue learning more about intermittent fasting, I recommend that you read our beginner's guide to intermittent fasting so that you can know everything you need to start this wonderful diet.