How to Drive a Man Crazy in Bed?

How to Drive a Man Crazy in Bed

Two 'Deluxe' Sex Techniques He Will Love:
Today we bring you a non-material gift so you can surprise your partner horizontally. It's free, tasty, and a total love test.

It is your anniversary, you are in good spirits or you have decided that the material is not always what is worth to show your love. That is why you have decided that what better way to gift your man with a good dose of sex.

Experiences are carried, and those that are horizontal carry all the winnings. For this reason, today we propose two very 'hot' techniques to leave your partner exhausted. The best? That he will return the favor another day and you will see him enjoy like never before. It is key that relationships as a couple are based on reciprocity, also in relation to sexual relationships.

Oral sex with 'deluxe mix'

Oral sex is what he likes men in bed. In fact, there are many who only reach the climax through this practice that should be considered more often as a single dish and not as a starter.

In this regard, many men say that they enjoy a good oral sex session more than copulation. This was determined by a survey carried out by the British portal specialized in sexual health Superdrug's Online Doctor, among 1,100 European and North American men and women, concluded that  30% of those surveyed would choose oral sex over intercourse. They, on the other hand, prefer copulation, since only 11% would choose cunnilingus - perhaps because there are many men who do not know how to do it well.

For fellatio to be successful and pleasant, you have to do it well and be careful with your teeth. We recommend that you do it calmly and that you focus a lot on the head of the penis, or the glans since it has significantly more nerves than the rest of the members. It will be devastated if you run your tongue over the glans while you masturbate the penis with one hand and touch the testicles with the other.

Leave all the leading roles to him!

Many men make the mistake of trying to please their partner too much in bed. "The poor man does everything possible to please her, or at least not bother her. But the more he tries, the more frustrated she becomes", details  Stephen Sunder, author of the book 'Sexual arousal is a particular state of mind and follows its own set of rules', to the magazine ' Health'.

The main problem is that you forget yourself when you are in bed with your partner, who you think is unsatisfied.

Therefore, if we want to please a man, we must leave him the leading role (for this time). "Sexual selfishness tends to be more erotic than sexual generosity. Being a generous lover is not a bad thing, of course. But if it's not accompanied by a little selfishness, it can be a problem."

Semaxin Male Enhancement

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Are you going to put these things into practice?