Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal Easily Hand Handle Device

Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal Easily Hand Handle Device

I know there are a lot of questions about easy to use home hair removal devices. Which ones are the best, How long will it be till you see results, Do they even work and I will tell you for the most part. 

I have not been impressed by any of these devices but I want you guys to see something these are Carly's legs one leg she's used in that home device on one leg she hasn't and you can definitely see the difference.

So today we are going to talk about the Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal Easily Hand Handle Device. 

So like I said today we're talking about Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal and I have a funny story you guys can imagine we get a lot of sponsorship requests for this article and I say no to a ton of them.

So when Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal reached out, I was kind of like I'm not really sure about this I feel like at home hair removal devices don't tend to work at least not the way I want them to work and Belle Bella was like well.

Why don't you guys give it a try? so they sent us a couple of devices. I was pregnant at the time so I was like yeah you know you guys try it out Carly picked it up she started using it and she started to see
some real results.

So then we start tracking it and then fast forward to now and I have now started using the Kenzie Carly is definitely using the Belle Bella and we're going to show you guys her results because this device is actually pretty cool. 

So this post is about Belle Bella to give you a little bit of background about how the Belle Bella Hair Removal device works it uses IPL which is a form of light therapy. It uses different wavelengths that scatter across your skin at different depths and that's how it's actually reaching like the hair follicles deep down and you guys have seen IPL used in lots of different treatments.

It helps reduce pigmentation in your skin wrinkles blemishes and of course hair, the reason I bring up IPL is that it's a little bit different from what you get with a laser hair removal device laser hair removal is. What they do more so in like a medspa or in a dermatologist's office that really focuses on one little area, it's really just a small controlled area of skin that laser hair removal focuses on versus IPL that uses more of like a broad spectrum of visible light wavelengths. It's kind of like the beam of a torch sort of it covers a lot more of an area of skin versus that laser hair removal and there are differences in the actual treatments as well with an at-home IPL device like Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal Device.

You can use it once a week they actually recommend you once a week versus laser hair removal you have to get that done every six to eight weeks.

How to Use Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

If you curious about how to use it you've got to make sure it's plugged in and then shave the area that you want to use the device on and you can actually use this immediately after shaving so as soon as you've gotten out of the shower some tight that this can be the first thing that you use you just want to turn it on.

It's just a button that's flashing right here and you can see right here in this little window that it has the different lights there's this pink light that tells you that it's ready to be used and then if you press the green power button in the back. You'll see that the level changes so it goes up to different intensities depending on your comfort level so once you have it set at the level that you want it at you are going to place it on the area that you're going to use it on.

So I'll demonstrate on my arms you're going to just hold it down and then you'll see there's a little that little pink light starts to flash that means it's ready because the whole window has to be flat on your skin
that's actually the reason why you don't need to use goggles while you're using this device is that the light is being blocked by your skin after that you're just going to press the middle button and then this is where it really makes your life easy because you just have to hold the middle button down and you can keep moving or you can just move it and then press a button but you don't have to so watch this you pull the button down you move it and it just keeps going see very easy.

So obviously that's on the first setting it doesn't hurt at all it just feels really warm if anything it kind of feels like a massage, like a warm hot stone massage or something. So if you're wondering what are the differences between maybe an at-home IPL treatment like this versus laser treatments first off cost is a big factor here this is $97 it might sound like a lot but if you were to go in for laser hair removal.

You're probably going to spend that amount if not more at least in my experience for one session and what I'm thinking about is my legs basically so if you're going to do your legs which is a very big area then it's going to cost so much more another big difference is this is way less painful I wouldn't even call this painful if anything like the first couple of times I use it it gives me like a little bit of a shock because it's warm but you can adjust that warmth for your own comfort.

So basically, you can start off on the first level if that makes you feel better and then you can work it up to a level that you like all skin tones can use this except for really dark skin tones and that's just because you want to protect your skin from hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, if you're also blonde a redhead or even have gray hair you can't use this because it uses that melanin in your hair to actually find it and then get rid of it because it's going to the hair right at the bold so it's trying to get rid of that so you do have to shave you cannot wax or do anything that's going to remove the bulb because it needs to have that too because that's how it's destroying the hair follicle and the best part you guys is you can literally do it at home.

Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal is an at-home device versus having to schedule your appointments or buy a package which they always try to sell you if you guys have done this you know what I'm talking about they always sell you on like the package that's going to get you the better price and everything and you have to make sure you schedule so you get in and then sometimes you don't fully use your packages this you have at home if even if you fall off for a little bit you can hop right back on. You can do it while you're watching TV it's pretty relaxed. You can just do this whenever you have some time to do it and if you actually use it once a week like you're supposed to you'll start to see some real results around three to four treatments and then at twelve treatments you'll see some major results.

I always tell everybody you're never going to truly get rid of all of your hair even if it seems like it went away for a while you'll always have some kind of regrowth of your hair grows in different stages and it's not all growing at the same time.

So you probably want to continue using a device like Belle Bella IPL Laser Hair Removal and that's why I really think something like this at home is great to have because you know you fall off you can't keep paying for those treatments.